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Sibshops is an opportunity for brothers and sisters of children with special health and developmental needs to obtain peer support and education within a recreational context. Sibshops is a lively, pedal-to-the-metal celebration of the many contributions made by brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. The program acknowledges that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs is a different experience and it provides children with a safe space to explore those feelings. The program reflects a belief that brothers and sisters have much to offer one another -- if they are given a chance.

The Sibshop model intersperses information and discussion activities with games. It’s not therapy, group or otherwise, although the program’s effect may be therapeutic for some children.

"I feel like I get bullied at school and don't fit in. When I come to Sibshops, I feel like I finally found a place where I belong." 


SibVentures is offered to children who have already participated in Sibshops. SibVentures uses a similar recreational context and continues to be a safe space to explore their feelings and experiences of having a sibling with a disability.

Early Start is a one-time event for children who are too young to participate in Sibshops but might be interested in it in the future.

Sibshops is an international program, to learn more about the project itself please visit the Sibling Support Project.

For more information or to register for the Sibshops program, please contact us.

Thank you to the QR77/Westin Children's Foundation for their generous support of Sibshops. Without this support, we wouldn't be able to host Sibshops for families.